This is Human Illustrations

My name is Erin Human and I draw humans. I subsist on coffee, chocolate, and pale ale. I read a lot of books and I’m super psyched that being an introvert is trendy now.

I founded E Custom Cards in 2011 and began by selling personalized cartoon cards for any and all occasions. The business grew beyond cards into keepsake drawings, wedding invitations, social media avatars, instruction manuals, books, and more. As my work expanded into mostly custom drawings, I rebranded the business as Human Illustrations in 2013.

If you like my artwork and you’ve thought of a project for me, you can visit my etsy store:

Human Illustrations 

Or if you have questions, concerns, or you just really need someone to talk to, email me:

You might also like to follow me on



Or my personal blog, The E is for Erin

But please don’t follow me around on the street, that’s creepy.

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